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We welcome the submission of articles, illustrations and videos from writers, designers and producers around the world. If you’re passionate about creating content that reaches people’s minds, speaks to their souls and gives a voice to our planet, we’d love to hear from you.

All submissions will be considered and assessed against our Editorial Guidelines before being published across Earth Collective’s digital real estate. This may include our Editor making changes.

To submit your work:

  1. Email cferrand@weareearthcollective.com with the subject line ‘Earth Collective submission: [title of submission]’.
  2. Please ensure all statistics and claims are evidenced and supported by a list of sources. For example, if “[something] is sustainable” please tell the reader how it is sustainable and include the source of that evidence in your writing. Include this list of sources and links at the bottom of your article. If you’re submitting an infographic or video, include this list of sources and links in your email.
  3. Include a headshot and short biography that highlights your credentials, experience and passions. 

Before you submit your work, please note that Earth Collective rarely pays to publish submissions and has a dedicated team via which paid work is commissioned. If you’d like to join this team, read on.

If you wish to submit commercial content, or content that directly promotes products, services or brands, please contact us at sales@weareearthcollective.com



If you’re a credible and qualified expert in a field of wellness or sustainability, and you would like to join Earth Collective’s community of writers, we’d love to hear from you. 

We believe the solutions to our global challenges lie in re-education and community. We’re passionate about bringing experts in wellness and sustainability together under one roof to empower people around the world to create healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

If you share our passion, please reach out to our Editor in Chief, Charli Ferrand on cferrand@weareearthcollective.com

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