Want to reduce your carbon footprint? There’s a subscription for that

Eight tonnes per year. That’s what my personal estimated carbon footprint is. I know this, because I used the carbon calculator provided on social enterprise Treeponts’ website, which is powered by data from the World Bank and the World Wildlife Federation.

But what does that mean, exactly? Well, according to the Climate Neutral Group, one tonne of CO2 is equal to 2.6 economy flights from Amsterdam to Rome, 500 CO2 fire extinguishers, a 500 m3 hot air balloon, or 125m3 of cola. To capture 1 tonne of CO2 emissions, 50 trees must grow for one year. So, to offset my eight tonne carbon footprint, I’d need to plant and look after at least 400 trees each year.

Looking at my garden, I just don’t think I have the room for 400 trees!

Luckily, Treepoints has launched a comprehensive planet positive subscription, to make it easy for individuals and businesses to fight climate change. This includes planting trees, collecting ocean-bound plastic, and offsetting your entire carbon footprint, all with world class projects.

Created to provide a way for everyday people to understand and take responsibility for their emissions, Treepoints initially focused on carbon offsetting – paying to reduce carbon emissions elsewhere to compensate for emissions produced from your lifestyle. However, the social enterprise startup is now tackling a broader challenge.

“To fight climate change effectively, we need not just to take responsibility for our impact, we also need to actively start reversing the damage we’ve done to the planet,” comments Anthony Collias, one of the two co-founders of Treepoints.

“Deforestation and plastic pollution are two of the biggest threats to our natural environment, so we address them both within our service,” Collias says.

Members have a choice of three subscription plans to offset their entire carbon footprint, which start at £3.25 per month and are priced according to an estimate of their carbon footprint. Subscriber funds are distributed to carbon reduction projects from internationally recognised organisations, such as the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard.  Supporting sustainable development in addition to reducing carbon emissions is prioritised, with recent projects including providing solar cookstoves for refugee families and protecting biodiversity through reforestation in Chad.

Tree planting is managed in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment in the developing world. As for collecting plastic, Treepoints is proud to support Plastic Bank who fight against ocean plastic and poverty by building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities.

In addition to reducing emissions and supporting sustainable projects, subscribers also earn ‘Treepoints’, which can be tracked over time, providing an insight into each subscriber’s ongoing, reduced impact on the climate. Treepoints can also be spent on eco-friendly brands such as Grind coffee, Patagonia clothing, and Patch plants.

“Treepoints are like airmiles, except we reward you for reducing your carbon footprint, not adding to it,” explains Collias.

For businesses, Treepoints provides a seamless API integration, allowing companies to add tree planting, plastic collection, or carbon offsetting into their checkout flow. This creates an opportunity for positive impact with every purchase of goods and services. Businesses using this service include Georganics, Crafty Nectar and Allies of Skin.

Find out more about reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint at treepoints.green.

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Charli Ferrand Higgins

After a decade working for global and boutique PR and Marketing agencies in Sydney, with clients that included some of the biggest consumer brands in the world, Charli returned to her homeland of the UK in 2017 and decided the time had come to use her professional skills and experience for good. She has since split her time between supporting passionate, purpose-driven small and medium-sized businesses to grow through conscious content marketing, managing and editing the planet-positive content hub Earth Collective (weareearthcollective.com), and hosting the podcast Easy Being Green? Lessons in sustainable business for SMEs.

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