The Ripple Effect: a podcast that explores the power we all have to make a difference.

You’re just about the most powerful thing walking the face of this planet. Because while we’re living in a world where disease, cancer and natural disasters are on the rise, and where mental health, community health and climate health are in decline, the solution to all of this starts with YOU and the ripple effect that you have on the world around you.

Join Roland Davies as he explores the power that we all have to make a difference while chatting to the game-changers who are empowering others to tackle environmental epidemics and take ownership of their health. 

Whether you’re at the start of your journey to live a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle or you’re a fully-fledged wellness and eco-ninja, this podcast provides inspiration to elevate your health and the health of our beautiful planet – it’s all linked. 



Meet our host, Roland Davies

Roland is the voice and author behind the Lucky Roland blog and podcast, a curation of eco stories and inspiration that digests the ABC’s Environment News in a listenable way to encourage us humans to green up our lives. He is also the founder of Emu Parade, a beach clean movement that’s working to remove tonnes of rubbish from Australia’s most remote beach systems

We’ve managed to nab this epically talented eco-warrior to host The Ripple Effect. 

Find out what drives this man to get out of bed in the morning, what he believes to be the biggest threat to our planet, and what piece of advice he’d give his 15-year-old self in “Five Minutes With Our Podcast Host, Roland Davies”.


Protecting The Rainforest With Jimmy Halfcut

“I’m trying to empower people to take action and have a tangible outcome by donating $2.50, half a coffee, to protect an acre of rainforest for life.”

Get to know this honest, real, damn right funny eco-warrior; why he’s gone ‘halfcut’ for 365 days; and why he needs you to join him.

(Please note, as this was recorded prior to the 2019 General Election in Australia, some of the conversation discusses the ‘upcoming election’, which has now of course, taken place.)



Falling In Love With The Earth With Natalie Isaacs From 1 Million Women

“People are rising up. Everywhere. And that is this disruptive chaos that we need. I really believe that.”

Listen as Roland chats to 1 Million Women Founder & CEO, Natalie Isaacs, about changing habits, people-lead revolutions and escaping affluent society’s framework of high consumption. Also, why we need to fall madly, deeply in love with the earth.

(Please note, as this was recorded prior to the 2019 General Election in Australia, some of the conversation discusses the ‘upcoming election’, which has now of course, taken place.)



Understanding indigenous and women’s rights with Kirilly Lowcock

“I used to go to church, sometimes as a child. But this is the most holy place I’ve ever been. When you’re in the birth room, there is a palpable feeling in the air that is completely different.” – Kirilly Lowcock

Recorded alongside the shores of the river in Brunswick Heads, this conversation explores women’s rights, indigenous rights and bridging the cultural gap between western medicine and traditional birthing.

“Kirilly was an amazing person to share space with, and I think the best character trait that I benefitted from was her patience, in teaching me so much that I didn’t know in such a short amount of time.” – Roland Davies, Host.



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Ocean conservation and aboriginal culture with Madison Page

“Turtle populations are declining and they’re becoming mainly female. What happens to cultural knowledge then? That’s something I want Murriyan to let people know – the environment’s degrading, that’s happening, but also what’s the effect of that on our First Nation people. Because we’d be losing culture.”

What were you doing when you were 21? Madison Page was starting a non-profit to promote ocean conservation, tackle climate change and the cultural divide between aboriginal and colonial Australia. Dayum lady! Pretty awesome.

In this episode, Roland chats with Murriyan founder and all-round legend Madii Page about tackling climate change and bridging the cultural divide between aboriginal and colonial Australia, as well as movies, food, marine biology and The Wiggles. Intrigued? You’d better give it a listen.



Chatting with Tim Silverwood, CEO & Cofounder of Take 3 For The Sea

“The ocean is downhill from everything.” – Tim Silverwood.

Roland chats with Tim Silverwood, CEO & Cofounder of ocean clean-up conservation organisation Take 3 for the Sea, a non-profit addressing the challenge of plastic pollution by asking everyone to Take 3 pieces of rubbish when leaving the beach, waterway or…anywhere. #Take3ForTheSea.

Now 10 years old, Take 3 for the Sea has found its way into 129 countries worldwide, removing an average of 10 million pieces of plastic from the environment every year.

Join Roland and Tim as they chat plastic pollution, community, surfing and philosophy over a coffee, straight after a surf on a cold winter’s morning. Does it get more Aussie than that?!



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Indigenous Rights With Nidala Barker

“That’s the power of privilege. And that’s the importance of power itself. Is that you need very little, to create a huge amount of change.” – Nidala Barker.

Join Roland as he chats with Djugun woman from the Kimberley, Nidala Barker. Nidala has a Masters in sustainability, is a bush woman and an academic committed to empowering Indigenous women to reinstate their voice of authority as protectors of the land. Don’t miss this one.



STRAWkling with Harriet Spark

“Harriet might be the most true blue, fair dinkum Aussie environmentalist that you will ever listen to.”

Harriet’s love for nature took her into the ocean as a diver. When she saw the amount of plastic straws washing up in Manly Cove, she realised the need to educate more people about conservation and inspire the same love she has for nature in others.

And so STRAWkling was born, a “many hands make light work” inspired movement that combines environmentalism, communication and snorkelling.


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