The real horror this Halloween – the scary truth about our planet

Halloween is just around the corner, with its scary movies and trick or treat traditions. But given the current state of our planet, it’s clear the real horror story is happening here and now, on our own doorstep, right in front of our eyes.

Our oceans are drowning in plastic, our waste infrastructure is an overwhelmed and overflowing monster, and we are facing a state of severely damaging climate change, according to the latest reports.

So this Halloween, we’re putting the spotlight on some of the most terrifying truths about the current state of our planet, in a bid to drive discussion and help people all over the world channel their fear into making positive change as a Collective.

The Scary Truth About Our Planet - Climate Change, Toxic Pollution, Waste Crisis

Despite these scary facts, there is always hope. At Earth Collective, we believe we can only be as healthy as our planet. But we also believe every single tiny positive change each person makes to reduce their impact on the environment is a huge deal, if we all do it together.

We’re not just talking about switching from disposable coffee cups to reusable ones; however, that may be where one person’s journey starts, and that one step in itself is pretty signifiant, because if we all took that one step, we would stop 500 billion single-use coffee cups entering landfill each year.

Small positive changes like this quickly become habits, especially when armed with the right tools and information. These habits, when made as a Collective, can make a huge, champagne-popping difference to the world.

That’s the ripple effect from that one small change – you swap single-use for reusable, soon enough you’re noticing the plastic packaging on everything at the grocery store and mindfully choosing loose fruit and veg. Before you know it, you’ve made a compost at home, you’ve switched your entire bathroom cabinet over to toxin and plastic-free products, you’re voting with your wallet by spending money with ethical brands or choosing second-hand, you’re lobbying brands and retailers to have better sustainability policies, your boycotting brands that harm people or the planet, you’re having more meat-free days, writing to your local MP about their party’s policy on climate change, signing petitions, attending protests, using your vote to vote for the planet… and suddenly, the people in power, the big businesses, the world leaders, they start to notice (especially when your action ultimately impacts their bottom line, or takes away a vote!).

It’s so easy to be terrified into inaction by the scary truths we see on the news every day. Trying to fix the big picture can feel impossible. But if every consumer felt empowered to take these small steps and to encourage others to do the same, we really can make a difference, together.

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Charli Ferrand Higgins

After a decade working for global and boutique PR and Marketing agencies in Sydney, with clients that included some of the biggest consumer brands in the world, Charli returned to her homeland of the UK in 2017 and decided the time had come to use her professional skills and experience for good. She has since split her time between supporting passionate, purpose-driven small and medium-sized businesses to grow through conscious content marketing, managing and editing the planet-positive content hub Earth Collective (, and hosting the podcast Easy Being Green? Lessons in sustainable business for SMEs.

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