The baby breakfast of champions

Here’s one that always ends up in the mouth; not on the floor!

My baby boy, Ardon, goes wild for this simple and nutritious breakfast that is easy to customise and can be eaten hot or cold.

This recipe makes 3 portions suitable for my 11-month old. Making 3 at a time helps to minimise morning prep time if we are heading out and about. Always a bonus for busy mums!


  • 1/3 cup organic quinoa flakes
  • 2/3 cup organic almond milk or milk of choice

Optional extras

  • 2 sulphur-free dried apricots; or
  • 2 tbs fresh or frozen berries


Place ingredients and optional extras into a small saucepan and heat over a moderate stove for about 5 minutes, stirring regularly.

Once the mixture has thickened, remove from the heat. If you have added sulphur free apricots or berries, give it a quick blitz with a stick blender so that fruit is chopped (this is easier and quicker than chopping them before adding!)

To aid with bowel regularity, I add a dash of prune juice just before serving and sometimes 1 tablespoon of mashed banana. The options are endless; you can add your fruit of choice and even top with yoghurt if your baby fancies it.

Why sulphur-free dried apricots?

Dried fruit, in particular, has one of the highest sulphur dioxide contents of any food your baby will come across. Sulphur has been linked to asthma attacks in children; it has also been associated with behaviour disturbances, headaches, skin reactions, irritable bowel symptoms, nausea, and diarrhoea to name just a few. All things that any mum would want to avoid!

Good bits!

Quinoa is an ancient grain known as ‘The gold of the Incas’.

Even 3,000 years ago, these guys knew they were onto something special! This ‘super grain’ has many beneficial properties and is extremely rich in protein, magnesium, manganese, and riboflavin (B2). It is also higher in fibre than most other grains. Quinoa also contains iron, which helps keep red blood cells healthy and assists in brain function; and lysine, which aids in tissue growth and repair.

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Michelle Sursok

Michelle is a proud mum, foodie and owner of Forage Sydney which specialises in organic dining experiences including secret dinners and private dining/catering. Having a baby inspired her to create Forage’s offshoot, Fussy Fingers to develop delicious meals for kids. Inspired by a family of chefs, Michelle’s a secret weapon in the kitchen, and when she’s not there, you’ll find her patrolling the beach or devouring a good cook book!

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