Slow fashion brand launches sustainable supply chain to change the concept of ‘throw-away’ style

All of Revival London's pieces are made locally using reclaimed textiles

Repurposing leftover textiles to create new, bold, and contemporary designs, Revival London is re-shaping the way we look at fashion, producing limited edition collections using preloved fabrics. Reclaiming pieces often destroyed or discarded, the London-based fashion-house sources the best from local manufacturers’ offcuts, charity shop partnerships and community donations, to give a new lease of life to the fabulous and forgotten.

Dedicated to planet preservation through waste reduction and specialising in the reworking of ‘unwanted’ textiles, Revival London releases conceptual capsule designs throughout the year, making use of reclaimed garments and fabric, which are deconstructed and redesigned. Aiming to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry, eradicate its ‘fast and disposable’ culture and make textile education more accessible, the brand looks to take the next step by launching on Kickstarter.

Revival London founder and re-designer, Rosette Ale, says now is the time for shaking up the fashion industry.

“The one thing our customers have in common, is their want for a more conscious lifestyle. At Revival London we promote the planet and the people behind our clothes, meeting the London Minimum Wage and creating fewer pieces with zero waste and longevity in mind. Our shoppers are not only looking for clothes that make them feel stylish and sexy no matter their shape, but they want to feel good in them too. Not just aesthetically, but also by knowing they have actively contributed to the reduction of waste and people’s quality of life,” commented Ale.

A photo of Revival London founder and re-designer, Rosette Ale, wearing one of her re-designs - a denim puff sleeve skirt set
Revival London founder and re-designer, Rosette Ale, says now is the time for shaking up the fashion industry. Image credit: Revival London

Locally produced, all designs are currently made in the UK by makers at Poplar Works, with the brand planning to expand and create some pieces in Ale’s hometown of Accra, Ghana to support the local makers there as well.

Operating a zero-waste policy, storing all fabric scraps for new designs and accessories, every order placed on Revival rescues on average 1.5 pairs of jeans from landfill where it would have otherwise rotted away and released harmful chemicals and toxins into the air.

Ale continues, “our launch on Kickstarter is us on the cusp of making a difference. Our long-term goal is to become a certified B-Corp and be a truly circular fashion brand in which the lifecycle of our garments is a closed loop, constantly reworked, repaired and reinvented into another piece or for another purpose. That means, with additional funding Revival London will be able to set up our sustainable supply chain, save more from landfill and help us to make a bigger, and more positive, impact on the industry. It will allow us to achieve our mission to bring both contemporary style and sustainability to the fashion world, simultaneously empowering both the consumers and the makers.”

Launched in 2016 but taking inspiration from the 90s era and silhouettes from Ale’s West African heritage, hero pieces include flare sleeve tops, one-shoulder crops and miniskirts, all created from reclaimed denim.

If you are interested in supporting Revival London’s mission to make slow fashion sexy, check out the Kickstarter at 

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