Urban Greens Grown Your Own Chamomile Tea Kit

This Urban Greens Grow Kit contains everything you need to grow and brew your very own cup of herbal chamomile tea.

Live in an apartment? No worries! This kit is super easy to use without a garden. 

UrbanGreens is about gifting something that is purposeful, sustainable and gratifying. We love!


The kit includes:

  • Chamomile seeds
  • Enamel mug
  • Growing pot
  • Organic soil
  • Stainless steel tea strainer
  • Instructions


  • Empty the soil mix into 100ml of warm water and leave to rehydrate for several hours.
  • Transfer the soil to the seedling pot provided and press the seeds about 6mm into the moist soil.
  • Place in a warm position.
  • When the plant is large enough (refer to instructions included with the product) it can be transferred to a larger pot and harvested to make your favourite brew


Chamomile seeds, enamel, seed growing pot, organic soil, stainless steel tea strainer

Weight 0.21 kg


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