U-Konserve Mini Stainless Steel Containers – Set of 3 ARCHIVE


Clean containers for kid snacks and beyond! This set of 3 stainless steel pots are great for anything you’d like to carry around knowing they won’t be exposed to plastics or carcinogens.


Set of 3 Each container is – 5.7cm x 4.4cm – 74ml


  • Won’t leach any nasties into your treats
  • Reusable, reducing waste
  • Great travel size
  • Designed in California, made responsibly in China
  • BPA, phthalate and lead free

Use & Care

USE The perfect size for bub’s formula or berries, or for you to take your vitamins to work. Because the base and lid are both stainless steel they’re not completely leak proof and are best suited to items that aren’t too runny, such as hummus.

CARE Dishwasher safe. If discoloration or residue appears buff it out with a kitchen scrub brush.

Ingredients or Materials

Food-grade stainless steel

Weight 0.19 kg
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