The Physic Garden Skincare Collection, Relax

Everything you need to relax in a tiny box. This is like taking a mini holiday. It is the perfect gift for a loved one who might need some pampering or why not a treat for your self.


  • The Physic Garden Calm Balm 14g
  • The Physic Garden Night Jasmine Lip Balm 12g
  • The Physic Garden Sleep Balm 25g
  • The Physic Garden Muscle Rub 25g
  • The Physic Garden Relax Bath Soak 220g

Everything in this gift pack is Natural, Australian Made, Cruelty-free & Vegan.

Please note that the sizes of the products in the individual images relate to the full products and may differ to the size in the pack. Please refer to the grams listed above.


Start with the Calm Balm mini, perfect to keep in your bag to help you keep your cool through busy days. Keep those lips moisturised with heavenly Night Jasmine Lip Balm. Soak the stress away with the Relax Bath Soak, with Rose, Passionflower and Geranium. Relax and massage some Muscle Rub into those sore spots, then lather-up in some heavenly lemon myrtle Sleep Balm for a restful night.



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