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A classic French-style market basket with both short (40 cm) and long (100 cm) flat leather handles. Can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, long handles fold in when not in use.‚ You will find lots of uses for your French market basket – the possible uses are only limited by your imagination! We can guarantee that once you welcome a market basket into your life, you will probably wonder what you ever did without it!
*Please note – these baskets cannot be gift wrapped.
They’re also unavailable for express postage to WA, they will be sent 
standard post and we will process a refund if you’re in WA and pay for express shipping.


Approximate dimensions and weight: L: 45-51cm W: 33-42cm H: 31-39cm

Here are some of the many uses:

  • Supermarket shopping (it goes straight from trolley into your car boot)
  • Shopping at farmer’s markets and gourmet food markets
  • Great for the beach, pool, picnics, boating, etc
  • Perfect as a picnic basket for your picnic rug and gourmet goodies
  • Makes a beautiful gift, either on its own or filled with great food and wine.
  • Take it away for the weekend – perfect size for an overnight stay!
  • Use it for both wet and dry washing.
  • Great for storage of magazines, toys, craft, towels, etc.
  • Useful for carrying books, or even small dogs!

These baskets are genuine French-style market baskets imported from Morocco. Each one is handmade using traditional methods and techniques and so is unique. The baskets are made of strips of woven palm leaves from a species of date palm – Phoenix Dactylifera. The strips are then sewn together and the basket built up in “rounds” into the traditional triangle shape, variations of which can be found in countries all around the Mediterranean. The more rounds the bigger the basket! The handles are genuine Moroccan leather and firmly fixed to the baskets so they won’t pull off. Handles are either short so the baskets can be carried in the hand or on the elbow, or longer to go over the shoulder.


If properly cared for, your basket will last for a long time. If it gets dirty you can wash your basket in soapy water (but do not leave it in water for more than five minutes), allow it to drain and then hang it up to dry. Drying in the sun works best; placing the basket upside-down over an upside-down bucket to maintain its shape.

The basket is fine to use for wet clothing such as washing or swimming gear. Just ensure you allow your basket to dry thoroughly after it gets wet to prevent mould ‚¬œ being made of a natural fibre it does not like to remain wet.


The baskets are made of strips of woven palm leaves from a species of date palm – Phoenix Dactylifera.‚ 
The handles are genuine Moroccan leather.

Weight 0.57 kg
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