Sprocket and Steel Cocktail Straws, Silver – 4 Pack


Made from a thick, high-quality Sweedish stainless steel, in Australia, by an Australian teenager after learning how plastic straws are killing turtles and other sea creatures. If that’s not enough reason to buy these straws, they also have smooth, round edges, making them a pleasure to drink from. These cocktail straws are a 12cm long, a great size for‚ marguerita‚ and mojitos, as well as kids drinks.


  • 12cm long
  • Pack of 4 staws‚ + 1 cleaning pipe
  • Australian made and owned
  • Marine grade #316 stainless steel from Sweden is thick and doesn’t stain easily
  • Completely plastic free with paper packaging
  • Dishwasher safe

Available in Smoothie, Standard and‚ Cocktail sizes.


Marine grade #316 stainless steel, paper packaging

Weight 0.07 kg
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