SoL Waterproof Coffee Cup Pouch


Once you have one of these pouches in your life, you’re going to wonder what you ever did without it. Say goodbye to sneaky reusable coffee cups leaks with this eco-chic solution!


SoL’s waterproof pouches are designed to give you a spill-free solution to portable coffee cups and those naughty leaks. When you’ve finished your cup of caffeinated goodness, simply pop it in this pouch and into your bag, car, pram knowing that both the glass is protected and you’re safe from leaks.

They’re so handy that the guys over at SoL also suggest you can use these waterproof pouches as:

  • Toiletry bags
  • Travel bags
  • Makeup bags
  • Kid’s school lunch bags
  • Work lunch bags
  • Beach accessory bags
  • Mobile phone bags

They’re washing machine friendly and won’t shrink or change colour once washed.



Rinse after use and dry upside down. For a deeper clean, pop these in the washing machine.


Hemp, Silicone (food-grade quality and BPA-free)

Weight 0.035 kg
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