SoL Water Bottle, Deep Sea Green


These stylish, hand-blown glass bottles are wrapped in SoL’s signature silicon sleeves, boasting a bamboo lid, a waterproof pouch for on the go, and a bottlebrush!


These 850ml eco-chic bottles are made with you and the environment front of mind. Bringing the sexy back to eco, these gorgeous bottles are the perfect on-the-go, reusable companions.

The glass is carefully hand-blown, the silicone wrap keeps your bottle sturdy on any surface, and the bamboo lid is seal tight.

Each bottle comes in a beautiful hessian bag that’s lined with a waterproof material to give your bottle portable protection. These bags have a side pocket for your phone and accessories, and come with a bottle brush too!

SoL really has thought of everything.


Brush the inside of your bottle regularly with a small bottle brush and water. Dry upside down. For a deeper clean, try rinsing your bottle with a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar, or the juice of half a lemon, scrubbing with your bottle brush as needed.


Glass, Silicone (food-grade and BPA-free)

Weight 0.475 kg
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