SoL Reusable Coffee Cup, Cool Cyan

These stylish, hand-blown glass coffee cups are wrapped in SoL’s signature silicon sleeves. Durable, lightweight and 100% chemical free. Boom!


Available in 8oz or 12oz, these eco-chic reusable coffee cups are made with you and the environment front of mind. Bringing the sexy back to eco, these gorgeous coffee cups are the perfect on-the-go, reusable companions.

The glass is carefully hand-blown and the silicone wrap keeps your fingers cool, your look sharp, and your drink at the perfect temperature.

SoL Cups have been designed to help us move from a throwaway mindset to an environmentally supportive one, giving us beautiful reusable products that will help us be kinder to the world around us.

Packaged in a gorgeous box, they’re the perfect gift for any eco ninja in your life.

They’re portable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing: a sexy and savvy war on waste solution.


Wash the inside of your portable cup after use, when back at your office or home. Dry upside down. For a deeper clean and to remove stains, try rinsing your cup with a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar, or the juice of half a lemon, scrubbing it with an eco-friendly brush or sponge.


Glass, Silicone (food-grade quality and BPA-free)

Weight 0.375 kg

12oz, 8oz



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