Save Planet A Organic Cotton Produce Bags, 6 pack

Shop green with these beautiful organic cotton reusables instead. Perfect for fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and bulk goods.
Disposable produce bags are a huge source of single-use plastic waste. These organic reusable produce bags are not only better for the planet, they’re better for you (removing the toxins that come with plastic) and better for your food (with those plastic bags suffocating it in our fridges).


  • 6 pack of Organic Cotton Produce bags
  • Assorted sizes- 3 x Small (20 x 25cm), 3 x Large (28 x 35cm)
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Fasten with a drawstring cord
  • Lightweight


Reuse with each shopping trip! When bags get grubby, simply pop them in the washing machine to clean.

Not suitable for liquid.


100% Organic Cotton

Weight 0.155 kg


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