Resparkle Organic Bathroom & Glass Cleaner Refill

Simply screw this refill pod into the top of your existing bottle, add filtered water, and you’re set to tackle soap scum, mould and bacteria without harsh fumes. Added sanitising agents help keep the bathroom nasties at bay.


Size: makes 500ml liquid when diluted Packaging: Refill pod Scent: Citrus and lavender

This refillable pod dilutes to make another 500ml of cleaner – less cost to you and less waste for the planet!

Use & Care

USE Screw this refill pod into your empty Bathroom and Glass Cleaner by Resparkle, add filtered water, and you’re left with 500ml of Toxin-free magic. Spray and wipe on all hard surfaces. Leave to soak on stubborn stains. Regular use helps control bacteria and mould.

CAUTION Though not poisonous, it is not meant for consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Ingredients or Materials

Bioflavonoid Blend (Bitter Orange Extracts); Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits); Lavender Essential Oil; Water

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