PMP Amber Glass Bottle With Lotion Pump (100ml)


Pimp your DIY skincare recipes with this gorgeous 100ml glass lotion bottle! The Amber glass is a great solution to help your DIY product last longer. The pump is lockable, making it a great travel companion.


Size: 100ml

Height: 16cm

Diameter: 4cm

Container type: pump bottle

Material: amber glass, bamboo, plastic pump component

Use & Care

Fill with your favourite‚ DIY skincare recipe.

Wash with a‚ natural dishwashing liquid‚ or‚ castile soap.before refilling with your next creation!

Ingredients or Materials

Amber glass bottle, bamboo cap, plastic pump component.
Dark amber glass is a great solution to help your DIY product last longer because the dark bottles block out sunlight and UV rays which can damage the ingredients.
Dark amber is considered the most effective, followed by cobalt blue glass.
Weight 0.14 kg
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