Parker Reusable Safety Razor 29L, Silver


This long handle Parker 29L Safety Razor is suitable for both men and women. it has a ‘butterfly’ opening so you’ll find that changing blades is quick, simple and safe. Made from nickel plated brass, this beautifully balanced razor will give a close, comfortable shave every time. The knurled handle will ensure a firm grip at all times even when wet.


29L Safety Razor in silver
Razor type: Butterfly Open
Weight: 82 grams Length: 11.2cm
Handle Material: Genuine brass frame, chrome plated

Reusable and Recyclable Unisex Safety Razor
Requires blades, Shark Blades sold separately.

Parker Safety Razor is a family owned business that has been established for close to 50 years and they are the gold standard in grooming and safety razors. Their products are handcrafted and undergo extensive engineering and quality testing; they are committed to providing the best quality product possible. 


Blades sold separately. Can be used with Shark Blades. 
Care must be taken when using a safety shaver.


Brass Frame and Chrome Plated

Weight 0.085 kg


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