Organicup Reusable Menstrual Cup, Size A


An amazing waste-free alternative to use for your period. OrganiCup is easy to use, hygienic and comfortable. You’ll also feel good about not having sanitary waste in your garbage bins and sending far less single-use products to landfill. Simply fold and insert and enjoy up to 12 hours of worry-free comfort and protection. Organic cotton carrying pouch included. Size A is recommended for those who haven’t given birth.


Size A (recommended for those who haven’t given birth)
If you haven, Size B is recommended for you.
Diameter: 40 mm 
Total Height: 65 mm 
Capacity: 25 ml 
Material: 100% medical grade silicone
Colour: Natural (without any colour additives)

Organic cotton carrying pouch included.

Nervous about trying a menstrual cup?
OrganiCup are the only menstrual cup to offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!
All you need to do is email and attach copy of your invoice (email us if you can’t find it).


Before using your OrganiCup for the first time you should sterilize the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remember not to let the cup touch the bottom of the pot.

Simply fold the soft medical grade silicone cup and insert. OrganiCup will unfold and be secured in place by a light vacuum. After 12 hours, remove and empty into the toilet. Rinse and repeat.  

You can easily use OrganiCup with an IUD. We simply recommend consulting your doctor to potentially shorten the IUD strings.

WASH / Remember to wash your hands and your cup using clean water and mild soap, before inserting it.

FOLD / There are many different folding techniques so experiment and find the one that works for you. Two of the most popular methods are: The Punch-Down Fold and The C-Fold. When you’re inserting your menstrual cup, you need to keep it folded until it is inside of your vagina.

RELAX / It’s important to relax your muscles when inserting your menstrual cup, so find a comfortable position. You can lie down, squat, sit on the toilet or simply stand up. You’ll find the position that works best for you over time! You might want to use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.

INSERT AND RELEASE / Insert the folded menstrual cup and once the entire cup is inside of you, simply remove your fingers and let it pop open. If the menstrual cup has been inserted correctly, you might hear a pop or a suction sound which means that the cup has folded out completely and created the necessary suction seal.  If you’re in doubt, reach in and feel around the base of the cup it should feel round or oval and not have any noticeable folds.

ROTATE / If you feel any dents or folds on the base of your menstrual cup and you’re not quite sure the suction seal has been created, then gently grip the base of the cup (not the stem), and rotate it to make it unfold. Once your menstrual cup is in place, try to pull the stem a bit, if you feel resistance, the suction seal has been created and the cup has been placed successfully!

In comparison with a tampon, the menstrual cup should be placed lower in the vaginal canal. The stem should be completely inside of you. However, we’re all built differently and if the stem pokes out and annoys you, you can trim it.


One of the benefits of using a menstrual cup is that you can use it for up to 12 hours at a time, so once inserted you can leave your cup in all day and night.
Depending on how heavy your flow is, you may have to empty it more often than twice a day. That’s why, we recommend that you empty your menstrual cup more often, in the beginning, to get to know the cup and your flow.

The cup can contain more liquid than 3 super tampons.


WASH / Again, start out by washing your hands with warm water and mild soap.

RELAX / Find a comfortable position that works for you: lie down, squat, sit on the toilet or stand up. Being relaxed is essential as removing your menstrual cup will only be more difficult if you tense up.

REMOVE / When removing your menstrual cup, pull slightly on the stem while using your abdominal muscles to push the OrganiCup downwards until you can reach the base.
Give the base of the cup a gentle pinch to release the suction and ease it out.
Avoid removing your menstrual cup by pulling the stem as this might cause discomfort.

EMPTY AND WASH / Once you have removed your menstrual cup, you should empty the collected fluid into the toilet or sink and rinse the cup with water (remember the air holes) and re-insert.

If you’re in a bathroom without access to clean water, you can use toilet paper to clean your cup and rinse it with water at a later time.

RE-INSERT OR STORE / When your menstrual cup is clean, re-insert or, if your period has ended: Boil the cup for 3-5 minutes in water and store your cup in the original OrganiCup cotton bag.


100% Medical grade silicone
Organic cotton carrying pouch 

Weight 0.03 kg


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