Nature’s Child Bio Liners (Roll of 200)


These flushable and biodegradable bio liners are made from 100% renewable cornstartch! They can be used as a nappy liner- to make caring for your cloth nappies a breeze- but also as a baby wipe.


Roll of 200, 18x26cm sheets One size fits most babies, but can be cut in half for newborns.

  • Catches solids in cloth and disposable nappies so you can simply, hygienically and responsibly dispose of it
  • Makes cleaning cloth nappies easier
  • When you’re out and about with cloth nappies, dispose of solids in sanitary nappy bins or loo and only take home a wet nappy for washing
  • Acts as a stay-dry liner. Moisture goes one way only and helps to keep baby’s bottom dry
  • Made from 100% natural and renewable cornstarch

    Use & Care

    Simply lay a bio liner inside your cloth or disposable nappy.

We recommend you bin wet liners and limit flushing to avoid any system clogging.

Not suitable for septic systems.

To use liners as disposable wet-wipes simply tear off enough sheets for the day, place in a tub or container and add just enough water for the wipes to become damp.

Ingredients or Materials

PLA (biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester)



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