Moving Beans KeepCup

Not only do our friends at Moving Beans make 100% plant-based, compostable coffee pods, but they also make sure you can take your brew with you!

Teaming up with the legends at KeepCup (the makers of the worlds best travel cups), Moving Beans brings you an eco friendly, hygienic, and high quality alternative to single use cups. 

How to use your Moving Beans KeepCup:

Step 1: Pick your favourite Moving Beans coffee capsule.

Step 2: Pop it in your machine, pour into your new KeepCup.

Step 3: Head out, do your thing! (But make sure the lid is closed first!)

No need to use single use disposable cups and continue to reduce waste by taking your Moving Beans coffee with you, in a Moving Beans KeepCup!

This Moving Beans KeepCup comes in the small size (227ml/8oz) and is perfect for a flat white, or a small cappuccino or americano.

Earth Collective says:

“We love coffee! But one thing we do not love is unnecessary waste, which is why we have steered away from the convenience of coffee pods in the past. Despite best efforts, we know that even recyclable aluminium and plastic coffee pods end up in landfill for one reason or another, where they sit for 500 years before breaking down. Moving Beans has seen this issue and found a planet-positive solution for it, without compromising on the taste or quality of the coffee inside – coffee that has been carefully and ethically sourced, so you can enjoy a cup of your favourite blend in good conscience.”


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