Moving Beans Compostable Coffee Pods – Discovery Pack

Moving Beans effortlessly combines convenience, quality and sustainability with its Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules. Filled with the finest coffees from around the world, Moving Beans’ coffee capsules are completely biodegradable and compostable, helping to reduce the impact of the 56 BILLION coffee pods that are consumed around the world each year, many made of plastic or aluminium, which end up in landfill, taking up to 500 years to decompose – yikes!


If you’re ready to try something new in coffee, but are not sure which ‘something’ to choose, Moving Beans has you covered with its trial selection – the Moving Beans Discovery Back.

Product Description

Inside the Discovery Pack you will find one pack of each of Moving Beans’ delicious, hand-selected premium coffee capsules. Plus, if you are new to Moving Beans, you can get 20% off and free shipping on your first order by using the code WELCOME at checkout.

What’s inside the pack?

Each Moving Beans Discovery Pack includes:

  • Colombian Single Origin
  • Kenya Single Origin
  • Classic Espresso Blend
  • Reserve Espresso Blend
  • Indonesia Single Origin (UK only)
  • Ethiopia Single Origin (AU only)
  • Decaf Espresso (optional)

Moving Beans coffee capsules are…

  • 100% plant-based, which means they will decompose in as little as 12 weeks. Once you have used them, you can dispose of the capsules in your organic waste bin provided by your local council.
  • Filled with the best organic, fair-trade & ethically sourced coffee from around the world.
  • Hermetically sealed to maintain the delicious taste of the coffee inside.
  • Compatible with all Original Nespresso® Machines.
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free.
  • Delivered to you in plastic-free packaging.

What’s inside each capsule?

Coffee. Fresh. Roast and Ground. Nothing more, nothing less, and from only the best beans from the best farms.

What are the capsules made from?

Moving Beans coffee capsules are made using materials derived from sugar cane and sugar beet plants, which means they will fully decompose into compost under commercial composting conditions.


Earth Collective says:

“We love coffee! But one thing we do not love is unnecessary waste, which is why we have steered away from the convenience of coffee pods in the past. Despite best efforts, we know that even recyclable aluminium and plastic coffee pods end up in landfill for one reason or another, where they sit for 500 years before breaking down. Moving Beans has seen this issue and found a planet-positive solution for it, without compromising on the taste or quality of the coffee inside – coffee that has been carefully and ethically sourced, so you can enjoy a cup of your favourite blend in good conscience.”


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