Luvin Life Organic Bicarb Soda

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Luvin Life’s organic, pharmaceutical-grade bicarbonate of soda is certified organic and aluminium free. This highly alkaline, 100% natural substance has a number of therapeutic, beauty and cleaning uses. 


Size: 500g

Container type: resealable coated foil packaging



A must-have, powerful addition to DIY natural cleaning recipes like homemade oven cleaner, bath and tile scrub, and homemade toilet cleaner. 



You’ll find it used in recipes to create homemade deodorant, face scrubs, teeth whitening pastes, shampoo, skin softening concoctions and bath bombs.



While bicarb soda is recognised as a useful household product for cleaning and beauty needs, it’s also an alkali which may increase pH levels to benefit the body. Over-acidity is a common problem today due to Western diets. Increasing the pH in the stomach may help reduce acid levels and assist in the prevention of heartburn and indigestion. For this purpose, bicarb can be used topically in bath water or internally by mixing 1 teaspoon with 250ml of water and drinking it 30 – 60 minutes before or 90 minutes after food.

Use & Care

Add as directed to DIY skincare and cleaning recipes.

Add to bath water or mix 1 teaspoon with 250ml of water and drink it 30 – 60 minutes before or 90 minutes after food.

Ingredients or Materials

100% organic bicarb soda.

Weight 0.51 kg


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