Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup, Model 1, Purple

If you haven’t heard of these before they might sound strange, but once you try one you’ll find they’re easy to use, hygienic and comfortable. You’ll also feel good about not having sanitary waste in your garbage bins and sending far less single-use products to landfill. Simply fold and insert and enjoy up to 12 hours of worry-free comfort and protection. Model 1 is slightly smaller and is designed for light-flow, teens and low-sitting cervixes.


  • Comfortable: soft and flexible rim for “I forgot it was even there” feeling
  • Reliable: a superior shape for greater capacity and comfortable fixed placement
  • Easy to use: A cleverly designed stem, ridges and larger air holes make for quick and easy ins and outs.
  • More control: Unlike tampons, you never run out of Lunette
  • Less spending: Ditch the regular dash to the store and protect your purse strings with the best reusable choice that lasts several years. It pays for itself after approximately 3 cycles!
  • Healthier you: Lunette menstrual cups collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy.
  • Happier planet: No more endless purchases, plastics and packaging. Every period with your reusable Lunette menstrual cup is a winning vote for the environment.
  • High quality: Natural, highest medical grade silicone which is BPA free and no chemicals.
  • Easy to clean: Smooth interior for easy cleaning.

All Lunette menstrual cups are soft and pliable, however, Lunette Cup Model 1 is made of softer silicone than Lunette Cup Model 2.

  • The diameter is 41 mm (1.6 inches) by 47 mm (1.9 inches).
  • The stem measures 25 mm (1 inch).
  • The volume of the cup is 25 ml (0.85 fl oz).
  • Measuring lines: 5ml (0.17 oz) and 13.5ml (0.46 oz).


Boil cup in a large pot for 20 minutes before you use it for the first time and between uses to sterilise it.

There are different ways to fold but all result in getting your cup snug and secure in the lower vaginal area and beyond the pubic bone (the sweet spot) where it can do its thing without you feeling it at all.
Once in place, the cup unfolds and gently springs into position where a seal is formed and keeps it held securely. 
Give yourself a little time to practice and try out the different techniques to find what works for you. Just like with tampons, the first time can take a little concentration but you’ll be a pro before you know it.

To empty tip the blood into the toilet. This can be done 2-4 times during the day before washing it at the end of 12 hours. 
Rinse with cold water and then wash with warm water and a perfume-free pH neutral, natural cleanser. We like to use Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap Baby Unscented which can also be found in a handy travel size.


Medical grade silicone

Weight 0.06 kg


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