LOQI Shopping Bag, The Great Wave


LOQI collaborates with artists from every corner of the earth to create their beautiful collection of strong, loveable bags. Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to bold, colourful shopping that’s better for the planet.
Oceanic Ode. Big blues. Wild Whites. Stormy Seas. Make a splash with Hokusai’s The Great Wave.


These bad boys are chemical-free, durable, water-resistant and washable.

LOQI describes their bags as being strong like a man; loyal like a dog. This bag weighs just 55g and can carry up to 20kg!

  • Bag dimensions:‚ 50cm x 42cm
  • Zip pocket dimensions: 11cm x 11.5cm
  • Handle dimensions: 27 cm‚ 
  • Water resistant‚ 
  • Polyester‚ 
  • OEKO-TEX certified


Your new shopping buddy is washable. Just give it a rinse when it gets grubby.‚ 


Water resistant polyester

Weight 0.06 kg


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