Leleki – a resource for conscious parents

Founded by a scientist, Leleki is a clever resource for conscious parents, curating evidence-based information and certification-backed products. Leleki goes deeper than any other resource to find the truth about product contents and claims, and make sure every manufacturer is who they say they are.

Research-driven shopping, so that every new parent can find and trust the quality products they deserve.

Shop by value, buy products from companies that care

Leleki only recommends products with a proven commitment to any or all of its core conscious values, and than meet Leleki’s standards for safety, practicality, and design.

Let Leleki guide you

At the bottom right of every product on Leleki’s marketplace you will find a handy guide, that acts as a ‘what you need to know’ summary about each product and where to go to find out even more information.

Each guide is written and reviewed by experts, explains key safety and practicality features to consider when selecting products, and cuts to the chase of what you need to know as a first-time parent.

Some Leleki products we love!

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