Lariese Organic Empyrean Green Clay Face Mask


Lariese Empyrean Green Clay Mask is a pure dry clay that is particularly suited to acne-prone, oily and combination skin. The detoxifying, astringent action of Lariese Empyrean Green Clay effectively works to draw out impurities, black heads and toxins from the pores, absorb oil, dirt and grime, cleanse and tighten pores, calm irritated skin and remove dead skin cells to leave skin looking and feeling fresh and radiant. Rich in minerals, it also helps to balance the skins oil production, strengthen and protect the skin and aid in the repair of scars.



Available in three different clay types – green clay has the strongest action of the three.

Traditionally used by Indigenous people in their medicinal, healing and ceremonial rituals, this 100% pure, superfine, natural Australian Clay is bottled in dry form, its natural state. The green colour is derived from the plant material and iron oxide, which is a rich source of nutrition for the skin.

The mask is applied to damp skin and gradually dries. Damp skin is able to absorb the beneficial minerals while dirt and toxins are loosened in the pores. As it dries and contracts, blood flow to the face is stimulated and impurities are extracted. When the clay is finally washed off, dead skin cells attached to the clay are also washed away.

Use regularly to help clear and revitalise the complexion.

Lariese is an Australian Certified Organic, USDA, GMO/GE Free and Cruelty-Free Company.


Start by mixing two teaspoons of Clay in a bowl with enough pure water to form a creamy paste, then apply the clay to a damp face. The mask can also be applied to the d©colletage if desired.
A thin layer of clay should cover the entire face and leave to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Gently remove the mask with warm water.

Lariese Clay Masks are most effective when used weekly/ fortnightly.

Please Note: Avoid contact with skin surrounding the eyes and mouth as there are fewer oil glands in these areas. A clay mask must not be applied to hypersensitive or sunburned skin, or if a severe skin infection is present.


100% Pure Australian Green clay

Weight 0.16 kg
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