Kuu Konjac Baby Sponge


A gentle, eco-chic sponge that gets the job done! Simply add water to this natural sponge to wash bub’s skin and face. No cleanser necessary, that’s definitely a tear-free formula!


Approx. 10x6cm The perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand.

  • 100% Natural Sponge
  • Free from colours, additives and preservatives
  • Biodegradable
  • Naturally sustainable and environmentally safe
  • Naturally alkaline which neutralises any acids (oil and dirt) for deep cleansing
  • Suitable from birth
  • Perfect for children with sensitive skin or eczema
  • No nasty chemicals or toxins for delicate porous baby skin. Gently cleans without damage

Better for skin, better for the environment, better for your pocket!

Use & Care

USE – Submerge sponge in water until it’s soft – The sponge can be used alone as it is naturally 8.4 pH balanced, or with a small amount of cleanser if you wish – Use the sponge in circular motions on the skin – Squeeze the sponge over bub’s head for a tear-free hair wash – Rinse sponge after use (do not wring) and hang to dry – The sponge will harden when dry. Re-hydrate in warm water before use again – If damaged or worn (lasts 2-3 months of normal daily use) please add to your compost

CAUTION If the sponge is causing any irritation please discontinue use. The sponge and its packaging is not a toy, do not leave an infant unattended with the sponge.


Made from 100% natural Konjac vegetable plant root.

Weight 0.03 kg


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