Keep Cup Coffee Cup 4oz, Ristretto

$11.00 $6.60

This size is perfect for espresso, macchiato, cortado and piccolo. It’s also very popular for children and babycinos because learning to reuse should start from an early age. The splash-proof lid also comes in handy when dealing with Jnr eco-warriors 🙂


  • XS size, 4oz (118ml)
  • Perfect for espresso, macchiato, cortado and piccolo OR babycino
  • Hard, splash-proof lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Non-toxic polypropylene. BPA and BPS free.

    Since June 2009, KeepCup customers have diverted approximately 5 trillion disposable cups from being made and discarded to landfill. KeepCup is on a mission to continue this great work through their slick designs. 

    Use & Care

    Wash your cup after use (dishwasher safe on the top shelf).
    Lid can be heated to 100°C/ 212°F degrees.


      BPA- and BPS-free Tritan, LDPE (low-density Polyethylene) and Silicone

      Weight 0.07 kg


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