Kappi Reusable Safety Razor, Matte Gold

Meet the Kappi Safety Razor. Modern, sleek and durable with a firm focus on reducing our collective environmental footprint.
Now you too can enjoy the smoothest, irritation-free shave of your life while using the best-looking safety razor on the market.
Included with every razor is a 5-pack of replacement razor blade which should last around 35 shaves (5-7 shaves per blade).



  • 1x Reusable Safety Razor – Matte Gold (also available in black)
  • 5x Replacement razor blades

This razor is built to last and will serve you well for many years. You only have to change the blades occasionally because they will stay sharp for longer than multi-blade systems. So you have to buy replacement blades less frequently and they’re relatively cheap, saving money in the long-term. It is, therefore, not a choice between saving the planet and saving money because you can do both.

Tired of ingrown hairs, overly expensive razors and disposable replacement heads that can’t be recycled? Meet the Kappi Safety Razor.

It’s estimated that two billion razors are thrown away in the U.S. every year and, although the numbers will be less in Australia due to the smaller population, they’re no less concerning. For most razors, whether disposable or not, recycling is not an option and so the majority go to landfill.

Kappi is an Australian reusables brand committed to providing sustainable alternatives to the worst offending single-use plastics. Run by a husband and wife duo, Emily and Freddie, Kappi was founded in 2017. All Kappi products are designed here in Australia.


How to use the razor and replace the blades

How do Safety Razors prevent ingrown hairs?

Modern multi-blade razors cause ingrowns by tugging and pulling at your hair before eventually cutting the hair follicle below the skin level. As the hair regrows, many of the hair follicles become ingrowns. Not so with safety razors which glide smoothly over your skin and cut the hair follicles at the skin level, ensuring you have the smoothest shave of your life – without the ingrowns!

Weight 0.145 kg


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