Kappi Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set with Pouch


Small and lightweight, this Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set from Kappi is a stylish alternative to plastic takeaway options and includes everything you need to enjoy whatever meal you’re craving. 



  • 1 x bamboo fork
  • 1 x bamboo knife
  • 1 x bamboo spoon
  • 1 x bamboo set of chopsticks
  • 1 x organic cotton mesh carry pouch

Cutlery are approx 18cm long

Kappi is an Australian reusables brand committed to providing sustainable alternatives to the worst offending single-use plastics. Run by a husband and wife duo, Emily and Freddie, Kappi was founded in 2017. All Kappi products are designed here in Australia.


Hand wash recommended.

Seal the cutlery set by rubbing olive or coconut oil into the wood.

Are the bamboo utensils sealed?
No. After much testing and research Kappi decided not to seal the utensils. Many of the commonly used sealers contain nasty chemicals that we’re better off not ingesting. We recommend periodically sealing the cutlery set by rubbing olive or coconut oil into the wood.

Is bamboo cutlery safe?
Yes, the utensils are sanded smooth and are free from burs and splinters. Also, being wood, the knife isn’t as sharp as a metal alternative and the points on the fork are slightly dulled. This makes them especially suited for young children to use.

Weight 0.03 kg


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