Fruity Sacks Produce Bags – 3 pack


A packet of 3 polyester mesh bags that are strong, lightweight and can be reused hundreds, probably thousands, of times. Using these bags instead of single-use plastic when shopping for your fruit and veg, is an easy way for all of us to make a small difference every day.


Lightweight, see-through mesh bags with drawstring

Pack of 3 bags
Size: 45cm x 35cm
Weight: 12 grams per bag
Colour: Green

Interesting fact: the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the creation of 1 Fruity Sack is about the equivalent of 13 plastic bags. Simply using our Fruity Sack 14 times will have a positive impact on the environment.


Can be reused hundreds of time, the more the better!
Machine wash, line dry.



Weight 0.04 kg
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