Ecoriginals 3 Packs of Wipes

Discover the world’s most eco-friendly wipes, born in Byron Bay, Australia! Made with groundbreaking eco innovation, these premium plant-based baby products are equally kind on skin and mother nature. Luxurious super soft eco wipes for a greener clean – the perfect solution for eco conscious parents.

Product Description

Your 3 Pack of Wipes consists of:

  • 3 packs of luxurious 100% plant based wipes in your choice of 3 natural variants, Purified New Zealand Water, Manuka Honey or Goat Milk (or select all 3!).


Ecoriginals premium eco wipes are…

  • Biodegradable bamboo plant baby wipes that can compost at home in just 3 weeks
  • Sustainably made in New Zealand from renewable energy for a greater, greener clean
  • Minimal natural ingredients selected to promote healthy skin for all babies, children and adults too!
  • New Zealand Purified Water wipes protects against rash and irritation
  • Manuka Honey wipes help repair and soothe delicate skin
  • Goat Milk wipes moisturise and nourish skin with vitamin A

Ecoriginals partners with eco initiatives around the world to plant one tree, remove the equivalent of 25 plastic bottles of waste from the ocean and offset 10kg carbon emissions with every single order. Discover the Ecoriginals difference today and set your child up for a greener future!


Use & Care

Feed your compostable wipes to the worms along with your family food scraps (but we don’t recommend that you compost #2s!).


Wipes – 100% Bamboo Fibre, Purified New Zealand Water, Japanese Soybean Amino Acid, New Zealand Certified Organic Aloe Vera Extract, German Chamomile Essential Oil, Vitamin E, plus Organic Manuka Honey or Goat Milk depending on wipe variant.

Earth Collective says:

“We love the transparency of Ecoriginals and the brand’s continuous work to be even better for baby, for parents and for the planet. Many people are aware of the waste caused by disposable nappies – that landfills around the world are full with an estimated 400 billion traditional plastic diapers, each taking up to 500 years to decompose. However, many people are less aware of the equally concerning fact that conventional nappy brands contain dozens of chemicals, drying agents, fragrances, and dyes exposing your baby’s precious bottom to nearly 50 chemicals every day! Ecoriginals is a simple solution to avoid both of these problems, offering both eco-nappies and wipes that are gentle on baby and gentle on the planet. Through key environmental initiatives the last 12 months alone, Ecoriginals has contributed to more than 50,000 trees being planted, and over 1.2m items of plastic waste being removed from the worlds’ oceans, whilst remaining plastic and carbon neutral in its manufacturing and operational processes as a business.”

– Charli, Editor, Earth Collective

Why go natural and eco: nappies

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