EcoNaps Convertible Bamboo Insert Kit

A must have if you’ve already got a stash of Econaps cloth nappies but want to add some additional inserts to your kit. The superabsorbent cloth inserts can take a little longer to dry, so it’s great to always be prepared with some backup inserts ready to go.


  • 4x bamboo cloth nappy insert sets
  • Each bamboo cloth insert set contains 1x longer foldable insert and 1x smaller snap-in insert.
  • Versatile nappy absorption settings for handling light to heavy loads.
  • Slim fitting style made from super soft bamboo terry fabric.
  • Convertible design that easily fits your changing nappy sizes.
  • Designed to fit all Econaps modern cloth nappies and most other one-size, all-in-2, and pocket cloth nappies.
  • Come packaged in a gorgeous natural cotton bag.


Soak new inserts overnight and then wash once to open up the bamboo fibres – They will reach the best absorbency after 6+ washes

Nappies and bamboo inserts are best line dried. If no outdoor area for drying is available, hang indoors on a drying rack, near a window exposed to sunlight. UV rays from sunlight (not sunshine) will remove stains naturally, there are no nasty chemicals required.

If you choose to use a clothes dryer, then separate the nappy covers from inserts. Cloth Nappy inserts will take a little longer to dry, as this is the absorbent part of the Nappy. They are not quite as delicate as the Nappy Covers, so you can tumble dry these on medium heat.


Bamboo velour

Weight 0.48 kg


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