EcoNaps Cloth Nappy, Tropical Palms


Make Cloth Nappying easy, with EcoNaps Convertible Modern Cloth Nappies. Designed to be a fully customisable Modern Cloth Nappy solution, that adapts to your babies needs as they grow. Made from the highest quality fabrics, with a range of designer prints, all hand styled in Byron Bay.
This luscious Tropical Palms Convertible Modern Cloth Nappy from the Paradiso Print range is a gorgeous colour choice for either boy or girl, and is sure to brighten your day.
And one of the best bits… it comes packaged in a limited edition matching Drawstring Wet Bag!


  • Nappy sizing – grows with your baby from 3.5-16kg
  • Nappy style – use as either an All-in-2 or Pocket Nappy
  • Absorption – absorbent inserts combine to give 5 different absorption levels
  • Nappy fabric – choose either bamboo or stay dry fabric next to baby
  • The nappy comes with


    • Convertible Cloth Nappy Outer Shell in Tropical Palms Print
    • Convertible Insert Set – 2 inserts with up to 5 different absorption settings
    • Packaged in a limited edition matching Drawstring Wet Bag!
    • Full Use and Care Instruction Booklet

    USE & CARE

    Pre-Wash:  pre-washing your nappies is really important to ensure they reach their maximum absorbency before you begin to use them. We recommend you wash them between 3-5 times, on a full length cycle, not hotter than 60 degrees, with a standard dose of laundry detergent. Ensure your nappies are fully dried between each pre-wash cycle.

    Dirty Cloth Nappy:
    #1s – Place in a dry pail.
    Newborn #2s (Breastfed or Bottlefed) – Saturate with cold water under the tap, and place in a dry pail.
    Solid #2s – Tip Solids into the toilet. Saturate with cold water under the tap, and place in a dry pail.
    Night Nappies – Saturate with cold water under the tap, and place in a dry pail.

    Wash your dirty nappies every 1-2 days. Leaving them any longer will encourage the growth of Bacteria and Mould.

    Step 1: Begin by washing nappies and inserts on a warm pre-rinse cycle. This gets rid of any excess urine or soiling before the wash cycle.

    Step 2: Follow with a warm, regular/long wash cycle, no hotter than 60 degrees. Wash with the correct amount of detergent recommended by your detergent manufacturer for the water level/load size.

    A note about detergent: We prefer to use a natural detergent on our own nappies, as we believe it is better for bub, and the environment, however, this is our own personal preference. Your detergent of choice should not contain bleach, fabric softeners, whiteners or vinegar pre-rinse, particularly when used on soiled nappies. These chemicals can lead to nappy rash on your baby, and lessen the lifespan of your nappies.

    Nappies and bamboo inserts are best line dried. If no outdoor area for drying is available, hang indoors on a drying rack, near a window exposed to sunlight. UV rays from sunlight (not sunshine) will remove stains naturally, no there are nasty chemicals required.

    If you choose to use a clothes dryer, then separate the nappy covers from inserts. Dry the nappy covers on low, as excessive hot temperatures can cause the PUL to delaminate. Cloth Nappy inserts will take a little longer to dry, as this is the absorbent part of the Nappy. They are not quite as delicate as the Nappy Covers, so you can tumble dry these on medium heat.


    Convertible cloth nappy cover – PUL
    Bamboo insert – bamboo velour

    Weight 0.215 kg


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