Ecococoon Spare Cocoon Mouthpiece and Cap, Black

$13.95 $8.35

Replacement mouthpiece & lid set for your Cocoon water bottle. This leak-proof Cocoon Cap with a unique one-way valve system is hygienic & delivers a satisfying flow without hassle. Australian-designed.


  • Fits all Ecococoon bottles.
  • Leak-proof with unique one-way valve system is hygienic (no straws to clean), and delivers a satisfying fast flow without hassle (no need to touch or tug with your teeth).
  • Made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic & will not leach harmful chemicals.
  • Responsibly made in China.
  • Designed by a clever Australian parent.
  • At the end of its useful life, your Cocoon Cap can be recycled.


BPA-free polypropylene plastic

Weight 0.05 kg
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