Bubblebubs Snappi Nappy Fasteners – Lemon/White


These snazzy inventions replaced the big nappy pins our parents had to suffer through. They’re the perfect fastener for BubbleBubs Bambam Fitted Newborn Nappies as they allow the fabric to mould to your bub.


Size: One size
Colour: White and lemon

Bubblebubs Bambam Fitted

How do they work I hear you ask?
1. Stretch the Snappi before its first use to make it more pliable, elastic and easier to use.
2. To attach, hold the nappy with one hand and attach the Snappi with the other. Hook the Snappi to the left of the nappy then to the right and then pull tightly down in the centre to form a Y shape. Don’t be afraid to put it on tight, they are very stretchy!

Use & Care

When attaching the Snappi make sure you hold onto the tab and not the loops otherwise, OUCH!

Ingredients or Materials


Weight 0.005 kg
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