Bubblebubs PUL Gusseted Cover – White



These extra soft covers are made with a gusset in the leg giving extra protection from explosions. They’re fastened with high technology hook tape (similar to Velcro) and come in super cute prints.


SIZE Newborn – 3 to 7kg Small – 6 to 10kg Medium – 9 to 15kg Large – 14kg+

TEAM WITH Bubblebubs Bambam Fitted Nappy or Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights Fitted Nappy

FEATURES Fastened with a high technology hook tape which continues to do up well after other touch tapes have clogged with fluff, and is a lot softer on your little one’s skin.

Use & Care


  • Wash dirty nappies at least every second day to prevent mould
  • Use a pre-wash cycle and then a warm wash with detergent
  • Don’t spin over 800 RPM as that can damage the elastic
  • Line dry with the nappy folded in half to prevent undue stress on the elastics or tumble dry on low heat
  • Cloth nappies are reusable: not indestructible Treating them with a little TLC will go a long way

Ingredients or Materials

100% polyester coated with PUL

Weight 0.07 kg

L (14+kg), M (9-15kg), NB (3-7kg), S (6-10kg)

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