Bubblebubs Extra Large Nappy Wet Bag, Dinosaurs


This wet bag is approx 43x55cm and made from sandwiched PUL and is therefore of the highest quality. It has a convenient handle to hang over your pram or change table. With enough room to fit around 2 days of cloth nappies it’s the perfect size to use as a nappy pail, for camping trips or as a swimming bag.


Size: 43cm wide x 55cm high.

Here are just‚ some of the many ways you can use a wet bag

1. Make-up or Toiletries bag
2. Breast pump storage
3. Make-shift ice pack
4. Vomit bag‚¬¦
5. Cloth pad bag
6. A dry bag!! Although it is designed to keep water in, the good old wetbag is pretty good at keeping moisture out too. Use it to store your keys and mobile phone when you’re at the beach or pool.‚ 

Ingredients or Materials

PUL (polyurethane laminate)

Weight 0.185 kg
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