Bubblebubs Candies (Ai2) Nappy – White


The gorgeous,‚ award-winning, One Sized All-in-2 nappies are specifically designed to grow with your baby – no adjusting required! Suitable for approximately‚ 4-15kg.


Size: One Size Fits Most (OSFM) from 4-15kgs (from around birth/4 weeks through to toilet training)

Nappy includes 1x Snap in Trifold + 1 Booster
The shell can also be used over a fitted nappy, such as Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights, and then used with boosters when they get a bit bigger.


  • The snap configuration gives a great fit‚ on‚ all babies as you can adjust the leg snap separately from the waist
  • These one-size fits are great value as you won’t have to buy more nappies as your baby grows, saving money by buying extra booster sets to re-use the outer shell
  • Made from soft‚ minky‚ material laminated with PUL, with an inner layer of smooth, soft suede cloth that wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Because the nappy pulls apart, everything dries fast
  • If aired out between uses, the covers can be used multiple times during a day

Winner Best All-In-Two 2016 and 2017 Australian Nappy Association – Cloth Nappy Awards

Use & Care

  • Wash nappies at least every second day to prevent‚ mould
  • Use a pre-wash cycle and then a warm wash (max 60 degrees) with detergent
  • Don’t spin over 800 RPM as that can damage the elastic
  • Line dry with the nappy folded in half to prevent undue stress on the elastics or tumble dry on low heat
  • Cloth nappies are reusable, not indestructible. Treating them with a little TLC will go a long way.


Shell – Polyester PUL

Liners -‚ Bamboo fleece suede cloth

Weight 0.07 kg
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