Bubblebubs Bambam Fitted (One Colour & Size)


The softest, sweetest nappy you’ll ever hold. Lush bamboo terry, perfectly designed to mould to the tiniest of newborns. (Please note: Snappi Nappy Fastener is sold separately)


Size: One size – Premature babies to 8kg These are perfect for tiny, precious newborns, day and night (24/7) Colour: Natural colour with mocha swirl edges

TEAM WITH Snappi Nappy Fasteners (as pictured, please note that they’re sold separately) and Bubblebubs PUL Gusseted Cover


  • 2 layers of thick and lush bamboo terry to make it super absorbent
  • No fixed size created by buttons or Velcro means it can be moulded to fit any newborn perfectly
  • Secure with a Snappi Nappy Fastener (a plastic clip)
  • Made from the highest quality bamboo terry to survive multiple babies

Winner Best Newborn Nappy 2016 Australian Nappy Association – Cloth Nappy Awards

Use & Care


  • Soak new nappies overnight and then wash once to open up the bamboo fibres
  • They reach best absorbency after 6+ washes
  • Remove solids and place nappy in nappy bucket (dry pail method, no soaking)
  • Wash nappies at least every second day to prevent mould
  • Use a pre-wash cycle and then a warm wash with detergent
  • Don’t spin over 800 RPM as that can damage the fabric
  • Line dry with the nappy folded in half to prevent stretching
  • Cloth nappies are reusable, not indestructible – treating them with a little TLC will go a long way!

Ingredients or Materials

90% bamboo, 10% cotton terry

Weight 0.11 kg
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