Bubblebubs Ai2 Booster Set For Candies


These are the second half of the award-winning Bubblebubs Candies nappies. Purchase a few sets of these boosters to rotate with your beautifully coloured shells and you’ll be a cloth nappy pro in no time.


This pack contains:
– 1x Snap in 2 layer 30x33cm Bamboo Trifold with suede cloth layer in the middle which helps keep bub dry
– 1x 3 layer 10x33cm Bamboo Booster which is extra thick and thirsty and will supercharge the absorption of any nappy

Buying Candies nappy shells and these inserts separately allows you to purchase extra sets economically as the outer shell of the nappy is reused over and over.

Use & Care


  • Soak new inserts overnight and then wash once to open up the bamboo fibres
  • They will reach best absorbency after 6+ washes
  • Air the shell between nappy changes and put it in the nappy bucket at the end of the day.

Ingredients or Materials

Bamboo fleece, suede cloth

Weight 0.155 kg
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