Bluecup Coffee Refill Capsule Starter Kit

Say goodbye to disposable coffee pods. Bluecup is a revolutionary, reusable coffee pod, offering you an eco-friendly way to prepare and brew the perfect blend with your with Nespresso®* machine.
Made in the Netherlands, Bluecup is the Nespresso®* compatible alternative that gives you more choice, saves you money and reduces your environmental impact. These affordable and innovative coffee capsules easily rinse clean, ready for reuse over 200 times – giving you all the convenience without the waste.


Two Pack contains:
2 Refillable Capsules
100 Lids
1 Cup Creator
1 Spoon Holder

Single-use plastic is harmful to the environment. Reuse generates far less waste, which is why Bluecup capsules were designed to be refilled and reused.

Easy to use
Use the Spoon Holder to easily fill your Bluecup with ground coffee. Then place into the Cup Creator, put a Bluecup Lid on the full pod, press and turn the Cup Creator and voilà – your capsule is machine-ready!

Save money
Suitable to any budget, brewing coffee with Bluecup is much more friendly on the hip pocket than conventional pre-filled pods.



Bluecup capsules can be used with all Nespresso®* machines manufactured after October 2010

Please note: If the sleeve that clamps onto the capsule when you close the Nespresso machine is made of black plastic, the machine is suitable for the Bluecup. If it’s made of aluminium, it sadly won’t work.

Weight 0.275 kg


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