Bambo Nature Training Pants XL (Size 6+/18+kg)

Give your little one a great start with these eco disposable training nappies. They’re soft and comfortable, while being super absorbent and fitting snuggly enough to prevent leaks. And they hold Nordic Swan Eco and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) labels. Such cred.‚ 


Size: Training Pants XL (size 6+) 18kgs+ Optimum weight range: From approx. 18kg Training pants per pack: 18


  • Super soft on bub’s skin
  • Flexible side panels stretch for an easy and comfortable fit
  • Super absorbent while still being a slim fit
  • Designed to draw wetness away from skin
  • Perfect fit, so bub can move around with greater comfort and leak protection
  • Free of perfumes, moisturising lotions, phthalates, chlorine, BPAs, TBT, PVC and latex
  • Certified by Nordic Swan Eco label which is reviews concerned with the nappy’s impact over its entire life cycle, meaning they have a much lower eco footprint than standard disposables
  • FSC label (the mark of responsible forestry)
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made in Denmark

    Ingredients or Materials

    The inner lining: polypropylene Core: peroxide-bleached (H2O2) paper material from controlled forestry Absorbers: biodegradable wheat starch and acrylic polymers (sodium polyacrylates) Waterproof outer layer: polypropylene and polyethylene Tabs: paper, polyethylene and foil produced from polyethylene Glue: resin and wax Elastics: lycra.

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