Baby Beehinds Extra Bamboo Fitted Nappy Insert Set


Extra insert sets for the Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted Nappy. If bub only wets the inserts they can be swapped out with fresh ones, giving the rest of the nappy a longer wear. New inserts are also a great way to freshen up your nappies.


Size: One size
Colour: Undyed, natural bamboo fleece

Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted Nappy


  • Two snap-in boosters (one short, one long) to enable flexibility of absorbency and fit
  • Fits Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted Nappies that are fully customisable for babies of different shapes and sizes

Use & Care


  • Pre-wash 3-4 times without detergent prior to using to open up the bamboo fibres – no need to dry between cycles
  • Reaches best absorbency after 8+ washes
  • After use, remove solids and place nappy in nappy bucket (dry pail method, no soaking)
  • Wash nappies every second day to prevent mould
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low heat

Ingredients or Materials

100% bamboo fleece

Weight 0.1 kg
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