Aroma Bottles Amber Glass Bottle With Trigger (500ml)


The perfect solution for DIY natural cleaning products. This 500ml glass amber bottle is the perfect home for DIY multi-purpose sprays and cleaners.‚ 

This product also comes in a 300ml size.


Size: 500ml
Bottle type: amber glass
Trigger spray: Plastic
The neck size for the 300/500ml is 28.

Use & Care

Fill with your favourite DIY recipe, spray on to surfaces and wipe clean.

Wash thoroughly with a natural dishwashing liquid and bottle brush before refilling with your next creation!

Not to be used with vinegar.

Vinegar makes plastic swell and metal rust and your triggers sprays are made out of just that so it’s no surprise that using vinegar will ensure your triggers swell, clogging them up and or making the spray mechanism very stiff and drippy.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any vinegar use in the regular triggers and can’t be responsible for triggers that stop working due to vinegar use. 

There are many essential oils such as, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree just to name a few that treat mould and kill germs really effectively, so some could question if we need the vinegar in our natural DIY cleaning mixtures at all. 

Trigger sprayers work hard around our homes and are a disposable item (unlike the beautiful amber glass bottles, and why we love using them with our essential oils). 


amber glass, with a plastic spray nozzle

Weight 0.29 kg
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