Pledge For The Planet: A different kind of New Year’s resolution

We believe small steps, when made by the collective, can bring huge, extraordinary change.

In times of turmoil and crisis, it can be easy to feel helpless. Sometimes the best way to combat this feeling, is to take action. So this New Year, why not make it your resolution to take some small steps to reduce your impact on the planet… and on your bank account. Because as it turns out, many of these pledges to tread a little lighter on the earth, also end up being a little lighter on your wallet.

We’ve put together 31 pledges for the 31 days of January. You can do them all in one go in the first month, or you can spread them out across the year. Whatever feels best for you to make these good habits stick.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Print or download your #PledgeForThePlanet Calendar

We know it can be tricky knowing where to start on this journey, so we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve created a nifty pledge calendar to help keep you and your family/ partner/ housemates accountable to the planet this year. You can track your progress – and celebrate your successes – by ticking off the pledges as you achieve them.

Even better, this calendar comes in a printable AND a digital format, so you can either print it out (top marks if you print it on recycled paper) stick it on your fridge and tick off the pledges you achieve with an old fashioned pencil, OR you can download it on your device and tick it off the modern way – digitally!


Step 2: Follow us on social media

We’ll be sharing pledge ideas, tips and tricks on Instagram, Facebook and in our email newsletters throughout the month of January. So make sure you are following along @weareearthco.

Step 3: Show us your successes

Every pledge you take is a win for you and for the planet – and we want to hear about it. Share your successes on social, tag @weareearthco and #PledgeForThePlanet22 and we’ll share some of the best pics to spread the inspiration and motivation.

That’s it! Let’s get pledging. Good luck and have fun.

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