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Hey there, you wonderful human, and thanks for dropping by.

Perhaps you have found us quite by chance, whilst searching online for some guidance on how to live a more planet-loving lifestyle.

Maybe you read one of our environmental news articles and are hungry for more.

Or perhaps you’ve been part of the Collective for a few years already, following our journey to simplify sustainable living, right from the start.

However you found us and whatever magic got you here today – welcome, it’s nice to meet you! And thank you. Just by being here, you’re already part of a driving force for a better future.

We are Earth Collective. We exist to simplify sustainable living for you.

Earth Collective is a healthy and sustainable living guide, empowering your journey to better mental, physical and environmental wellness.

We do the research and engage the experts to bring you the latest tips, tricks, solutions, products and insights on wellness and sustainable living, to support you in creating healthier and kinder habits that will benefit you and our planet.

We haven’t always been called Earth Collective, but we have been here for a while.

Back in 2017, a British expat living in Sydney decided to quit her 6-figure corporate job. Through her own personal journey, her eyes had been opened to the innate connection between our health – both physical and mental – and the natural world. The science was clear and her mission was explicit. She put her career experience in service of communicating the need for broader adoption of the lifestyle she’d become so passionate about.

The woman I’m talking about is my now-business partner Charlie Thompson and the business she launched – alongside co-founder, new Mum, Health Science student and operations guru, Georgia Lawson – was The Clean Collective.

The Clean Collective pounded the streets – both physically and digitally – to source the best products, curate the best information and put it all into one user-friendly location, to make sustainable living as simple as possible for everyone. Sounding familiar?

The Clean Collective made a big impact in the world of conscious consumerism, undertaking extensive research to develop its unique Safety & Sustainability Standard, which was confirmed ready for use after consultation with industry experts and chemical databases. This Standard was applied to all products retailed on The Clean Collective’s website and all information shared on its blog, so readers and customers could feel good about their purchases – zero greenwashing and no label-reading required.

Over the next three years, The Clean Collective:

  • Secured 500 industry partnerships
  • Attracted an annual audience of 2.1 million eco-warriors (just like you)
  • Prevented 2 million litres of toxic-chemical products from coming into contact with people and the planet
  • Diverted more than 1.9 million single use items from landfill
  • Removed 6,090 pieces of plastic from the ocean
  • Planted 54,237 trees – offsetting Australia’s wrapping paper consumption in 2018
  • Was recognised as a Social Change Maker at the 2019 for the 2019 Telstra Business Awards

Earth Collective: Our Journey So Far

The impact of greenwashing on the supply chain of ethical businesses

In 2019, we watched as the retail industry in our founding country of Australia suffered – from highstreet names to independent, small businesses like ours. More and more big retail companies procured the true natural solutions that were being retailed by The Clean Collective – which we were so pleased to see, when it benefited our amazing industry partners. However, too often these true ethical solutions were displayed on the supermarket shelf alongside cheaper options that were being marketed as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, but upon further investigation, were nowhere near as good for the planet or our health as they claim to be.

Cue: more greenwashing in the market than ever before, more confusion for consumers, big trouble for the planet and our health.

Despite the best efforts of our incredible team and community, as a small business, we struggled to compete with the giant retail supply chains.

Although this trend put pressure on us as a retail business, it also reinforced the need for transparent and scientifically evidenced information that conscious consumers can trust. Only facts, no fake news.

Zero greenwashing.

So, we saved our business – and more importantly, our mission – by transitioning away from retail to focus on education, information, guidance and the development of a consumer Standard to guide the conscious economy marketplace. These elements were always an intrinsic part of the work we did through The Clean Collective, but with retail removed from our sphere of attention, our team’s capacity is opened up to focus on them 100%.

But, why now? Why this year of all years?

2020 sure has been weird, hasn’t it?

A bit like something out of a science fiction film – uncontrollable bush fires, civil and political unrest, a global pandemic of a new virus. It’s been tough on all of us. Much love to you, however you have been impacted this year.

Throughout everything, climate change has not gone away.

Lockdown provided brief respite, as airports, roads, cities and factories closed down temporarily, lowering emissions, allowing grass verges to grow wild, and animals to return to cleaner seas, skies and fields. Although at the same time, jobs were of course sadly lost and supply chains were not ready to deal with the mountains of food that went to waste.

History can give us an insight into what will happen next.

During the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the world also saw a drop in emissions. But once countries rallied their economies to ‘get back to business’, more emissions were created as manufacturing and industrial engineering got boosts from economic stimulus programs in countries such as China.

Researchers have estimated that once our recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is taken into account, we might see a dip of only 0.3% in our carbon emissions in 2020.

Once life goes back to ‘normal’… so will emissions.

“Whether we like it or not, the world has changed. It looks completely different now from how it did a few months ago. It may never look the same again. We have to choose a new way forward… If the coronavirus crisis has shown us one thing, it is that our society is not sustainable. If one single virus can destroy economies in a couple of weeks, it shows we are not thinking long-term and taking risks into account.” – Greta Thunberg, speaking at a virtual meeting on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.


One thing the global pandemic has taught us is the amazing impact of a community of people who are willing to make sacrifices and adapt themselves to a new way of living quickly, when it’s necessary.

The climate emergency will irreversibly impact consumption across the globe, forcing all industries to pivot fast. Earth Collective pledges to remain ahead of the ever-growing curve, backed by experience, research, audience demand and data. We will be here to inspire the best version of your mental, physical and environmental wellness. Our mission is to empower your journey to care for the planet and your health, to drive global change, as a collective.

What’s next? Earth Collective’s promise to you

Sustainable living is, simply – living! It’s something we all need to adopt to halt climate change and save life on Earth, which includes us humans.

It involves lots of little switches in what we buy, how we use things and how we go about our daily lives. It can make us feel healthier and more energetic, save us money, and create a sense of connection and joy.

Earth Collective is here to make your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle as simple and enjoyable as possible. We will do this by:

  • Providing you with free (always) information via our variety of digital channels and platforms.
  • Assessing products and services against our Wellness & Sustainability Standard and providing you with a directory of kind, healthy and sustainable solutions that you can feel good about using.
  • Sourcing and sharing truthful and reputable environmental news and current affairs, without the BS. Only facts, no fake news.
  • Providing you with a community that nurtures and supports each other in making the changes demanded by our modern-day sustainability challenges. Zero judgement. No action is too small. We celebrate the tiniest of wins.

“But what about governments, big businesses and corporations?!” I hear you cry

Yep, we’re with you there. Saving the world needs to be a collaborative effort. And we’re working on that too, through our partnership with EarthScore – a scientific research agency and industry collaboration. EarthScore’s international framework regulates the sustainable production of consumable goods, providing consumers with a transparent shopping guide. Find out more about EarthScore here.

Are you in?

We’d love to go on this journey with you as your go-to sustainability guide. We’ve got big plans and an even bigger mission ahead of us. So, when it comes to our community, we believe – the more, the merrier!

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Thank you for being part of the positive change we are all making as a Collective.

Big love,

Earth Collective

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Charli Ferrand Higgins

After a decade working for global and boutique PR and Marketing agencies in Sydney, with clients that included some of the biggest consumer brands in the world, Charli returned to her homeland of the UK in 2017 and decided the time had come to use her professional skills and experience for good. She has since split her time between supporting passionate, purpose-driven small and medium-sized businesses to grow through conscious content marketing, managing and editing the planet-positive content hub Earth Collective (, and hosting the podcast Easy Being Green? Lessons in sustainable business for SMEs.

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