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We absolutely LOVE Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics!

Ere Perez is an Australian owned company that prides itself in producing healthy, natural make-up, made with carefully selected premium quality ingredients (oils, plant extracts and minerals) and blended with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective natural make-up solution.

For Women’s Health Month, we had the pleasure of catching up up with Ere herself for a quick chat about all things natural make up, her vision for her business and her favourite products. Enjoy!

What does it mean for make up to be ‘natural’?

Natural, as we promote it, means based on nature not artificial chemicals. So, natural formulas like we use have ingredients derived from plants mostly, rather than toxic ingredients.

Why should we choose to buy natural make up and skin care?

There are so many reasons!

Firstly – your health. We now know for certain that exposure to chemicals can damage our bodies. Traditional cosmetic & beauty brands put so many undesirable ingredients into their products including: parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, synthetic fragrance and other toxins. When you put this on your skin, you are literally putting it into your body. So, natural skincare and makeup is a way to say ‘no thank you’ to chemicals. It’s a way of detoxing your life in a big way.

Secondly, natural brands are more likely to reach for greener goals such as more ethical and sustainable practices.

Why did you decide to start Ere Perez Cosmetics?

I had a vision to combine my natural therapies knowledge with my interest in the beauty industry. I wanted to bring ‘wellness’ back! Beauty shouldn’t cause you harm, that’s what I believe – the brand was a way to spread this awareness and give women a natural alternative to chemicals.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when launching your brand?

Mainly that natural makeup wasn’t really an established trend in Australia yet. We had to forge new ground and walk our own path. There were no footsteps to follow! But my passion for our values meant I never gave up.

What is your process for making sure your brand is socially responsible?

We are members of the UN Social Compact – a voluntary agreement for businesses to agree to Sustainable business principles. This relates to social and environmental issues. We are certified carbon neutral, cruelty free, use bio packaging too. We take our responsibilities seriously.

What is important to you when selecting natural ingredients for your products?

We focus on the benefits of the ingredient. We always ask – how does this hydrate, nurture or repair skin. We choose our formulations based on performance and what we can combine for longevity, texture as well as how best to look after skin.

Many mainstream cosmetics claim to be vegan or cruelty free. What is Ere Perez’ approach here?

This mainly started in natural brands and has now become mainstream. We are so happy about this. There is no reason why cosmetics should be tested on animals. We are cruelty free, PETA certified and a vegan brand (except for beeswax in one product).

Is natural make up and skincare better for our skin?

Oh absolutely. Natural is better for skin as it allows skin to breathe, does not clog pores, is not introducing harsh chemicals, can heal skin irritations and is generally better for your overall health because you are reducing your chemical ‘intake’.

What do you love the most about Ere Perez cosmetics?

So much to love! I would say one of the highlights for me is our variety of products. We have over a hundred products now so you can get all your best products, try something new, surprise a friend and we are always expanding with new ideas and inspiration.

Which are your top five favourite products that you couldn’t live without?

The Clean Collective Ere Perez Papaya Sos Marmalade
SOS Papaya Marmalade – ultimate product to fix everything from lips, dry skin, rashes, mosquito bites, kid’s skin or sun exposure.
The Clean Collective Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara - Black
Almond mascara – we all know the difference a touch of mascara can make!
The Clean Collective Ere Perez Beetroot Tint
Beetroot Tint – a little on the cheeks and if I’m tire or under-slept, it’s an instant lift.
The Clean Collective Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Crème
Moringa All-Beauty Crème – best moisturiser for mornings, it gives a lovely radiance.
The Clean Collective Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter
Vanilla Highlighter – always have one in my handbag for touch-ups, changing from day event to the evening or when I want to feel special.

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