6 tips to bring nature-inspired elements into your home

You can always benefit from getting a few nature-inspired elements in your home, no matter the reason. Whether you’re looking to improve the ‘health’ of your home, bring flora and fauna closer to your family, create an eco-living feel, or just hop on a biophilia trend and green-up your space, read on. From sunlight and plants to colours and décor, here are the best ways to blur the line between outdoors and indoors and create a natural and relaxing vibe in your home.

#1: open your windows

Many people totally forget to welcome sunlight into their homes, even though it’s one of the most beautiful, cheapest and healthiest natural elements! As soon as you open your windows, you’ll notice your interior come alive, your colours pop and your mood improve. So, swap those heavy curtains for something light and airy, open your blinds and shower your home with warm sunlight! Even if you lack windows, you can introduce natural light into your interior with solar tubes and skylights.

Eco-Friendly Living - How To Infuse Nature-Inspired Elements Into Your Décor - Pay Attention To Colour

#2: pay attention to colour

Another easy way to freshen up your interior and give it a natural feel is to grab a brush and get painting! All hues of green are a great nod to trees, leaves and plants. However, green is not the only color that will fill your home with a natural vibe! Yellow will welcome sun into your space, blue will bring the sky under your roof and even earthy colors like terracotta, walnut or mocha will invite natural warmth into your home. Just make sure to opt for low- or zero-VOC paints, which will help you create a toxin-free environment. Don’t really feel like repainting? Try to add a few yellow or blue accessories or floral decorative pillows for an easy solution.

#3: create a relaxing atmosphere with water

Having issues with stress and anxiety? Add a water feature into your home and let the steady murmur of water fill you with relaxation! Today, there are countless models of indoor fountains from traditional designs to very futuristic and modern ones, so make your choice and Zen out!

Eco Living - How To Infuse Nature-Inspired Elements Into Your Decor Using Natural Materials

#4: invest in natural materials

Another way to connect to nature and enrich your interior with natural elements is to bring a few wooden, wicker or jute pieces into your home. For instance, treat your bedroom to a new lavish wood bed and you’ll not only improve your interior, but also boost your sleep quality. Opt for a sturdy model and high-quality wood and you’ll get to enjoy it for many years which is a very sustainable and eco-friendly way to furnish your space. Plus, wood will add instant warmth to the space and it only looks better and better with age! Accompany your wood bed with a jute rug and a wicker chair and you’ll have a beautiful, eco-friendly and safe bedroom.

#5: wild up the space with animal motifs

If you want to add a few interesting touches to your home, why not introduce some animal motifs into your home? The easiest way to do that is by putting up a cork board – you can hang pictures of different animals on it. Just don’t forget to use adhesive tape instead of push pins, you don’t want to destroy the photos. Also, you can add some nature with bird-themed accessories. Birds have such a delicate and calming presence that most homes require, especially in these hectic times! For the fluffy effect, add some pillows made of organic wool. That way your home will look and feel warmer.

Eco Living - How To Infuse Nature-Inspired Elements Into Your Decor Using Greenery

#6: add greenery

If you follow interior design trends, then you know just how popular greenery has been in the last few years and for all the right reasons! Indoor plants and flowers not only look great, but also have a very beneficial effect on humans. They improve your mood, increase productivity and provide us with clean and fresh oxygen! So, make sure to get a few plants, no matter if they’re orchids, ferns, figs, cacti or succulents, and adore your space with these touches of greenery. Most of these plants require very little care, but even if you have a black thumb, you can still reap benefits from flowers without killing any fauna. Get some faux greenery, recreate the scent with natural-looking diffusers and essential oils and invest in an air purifier to improve your air quality!

So, bring the outdoors in today and fill your home with a relaxing vibe, health and beauty. Plus, nature is timeless and fits with all interior design styles, so you don’t have to worry whether you’ll have to redecorate in a few months which is great for your wallet, nerves and our aching environment!

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